El salvador de El Salvador será el MAAVi.

For many years, agriculture has been neglected in El Salvador; but today, they choose our MAAVi Innovation Center as their strategic partner to become the first country in Central America to adopt a zero-residue strategy for food production.

Will you join us in our quest toward zero residue?

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With our MAAVi Labs, we help companies get ahead of such restrictions, fulfilling the following challenges:


  1. Achieve zero residue
  2. Increase yield
  3. Optimize water and nutrient efficiency
  4. Increase the nutritional value and organoleptic properties of fruits
  5. Improve post-harvest life
  6. Promote the revaluation of by-products


Meet the companies that have already set out to eliminate residues from their products:


Founded in the 1970s, this benchmark company in the Spanish agri-food sector produces over 200,000 tons of leafy products each year, which it exports across Europe. Its goal is to provide fresh foods that add flavor to the Mediterranean diet, helping people from over twenty-five nations to live an active and healthy lifestyle.



Frutas Bollo

With nearly 100 years of experience in the production of citrus fruits, melons, and watermelons, they operate in 34 countries. Among their strategic objectives are sustainability and environmental responsibility.


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